10 Top Tips to Selling Your Car

  1. Have your car professionally detailed. A little money spent can mean more in your back pocket.
  2. Make sure your car is running well and anything major is fixed before you put it on the market.
  3. Do your research with regards to a price. Look in the Advertiser/Trading Post and see what similar cars to yours are being advertised for. Remember don’t be greedy with your price or you will have no phone calls.
  4. Advert: don’t put too much information. Give them a reason to call.
  5. When you receive a call and they want to see the car, ask for their name and number and make sure you set a time. Very important.
  6. When they arrive, make sure the car is ready to go. Don’t let them in your house and have the car parked out the front.
  7. Spend the time and go through the car with them. Tell them about any recent work that has been carried out. Make sure the service books are up-to-date.
  8. If your car has more than two seats, make sure you go with them. If they want to go by themselves make sure you have their drivers license and their keys as well. Note: check their drivers license.
  9. If they are happy to go ahead to purchase the car they will normally try to negotiate you down to a cheaper price. If you have had many calls make sure that everyone has had the opportunity to see your car before you accept an offer. If you only have a few calls and someone does make an offer, sometimes its better to accept it as it may be the only offer you get.
  10. Make sure they give you a cash deposit and get them to sign an invoice of some sort. Make sure they pay the balance by either transferring the money into your account or cash/bank cheque. Remember, don’t be greedy with your price or you will receive no phone calls.